Sense Highly Moisturizing Liquid Soap 330 ml

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Sense Highly Moisturizing Liquid Soap 330 ml with over 99.3% natural ingredients and a hint of intense fragrance. We have also used a highly concentrated formula with Vitamin E to create a natural barrier to protect your skin. This way, one squeeze of the pump is enough for an effective wash that surprises every time with the velvet sensation feeling on the skin.


Respect for people and nature is at the heart of the creation process. That’s why all the launched products aim to shape a vision to create something of eternal value.


We have chosen BioPet packaging for the Sense range. This closes the circle for the production of products with a low environmental impact.


High-performance products with plant-based packaging, containing more than 99.3% natural ingredients, no preservatives, with a completely different formula than the standard ones.


The product has no label, as it is printed with an edible, non-toxic paint that is also used in the manufacturing the children’s toys.


The 99.3% natural ingredients in our liquid soap have been carefully chosen, as the main desire is a product that delights all the senses. We’ve added brontide and glycerine to the recipe for extra care of your skin.




Bromptides or butylene glycol represent a multi-purpose ingredient used in a variety of personal care and cosmetic products. Made from plants, not petroleum, butylene glycol is a natural ingredient that offers both high performance and durability.


0% Sls


SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a chemical compound commonly found in cosmetics, soap or toothpaste. If you have a sensitive skin type, you will find that 0% SLS products will become your best friend because your skin will be properly cleansed and moisturized.


Efficacy tests have shown that Sense Liquid Soaps are suitable for all skin types, since they don’t dry or irritate the skin.


For an effective wash, the amount of soap needed is just one pump stroke.


Moreover, the 330 ml quantity can be used for 178 washes.